Cryptic lost Canaanite language decoded on 'Rosetta Stone'-like tablets

Feb 12, 2023
Nice, shared with comments Per Pearlman YeC: Dated for the strongest science and tightest chronology, this most likely dates to between about The Exodus and the start of the Hyksos occupation (2448-2556 anno-mundi). So between from Moses till Devorah.
Likely during late Sargon I (an aka of Og) and Amorite King Sichon defeated by Moses in 2487 anno-mundi.
Keep in mind current consensus is inflated by about 872 years at the 6th dynasty Exodus, a few years after the death of Pepi II. So, a lot of unaccounted for overlap and repetitions.
reference Pearlman YeC for the alignment of Torah testimony, science and ancient civ. volume III 'Bible Chronology, untying a knot'.