Crop circles: Myth, theories and history

Sep 6, 2020
It is good they are moving forward and sparing animal cruelty by no longer mutilating or abducting cows.

For anyone wishing to make one, the following article helps assist. I cannot find any evidence of aliens compensating farmers, but then... I am yet to meet a poor farmer so who knows.:

How to make a crop circle
Prepare a detailed drawing. Keep it simple. Circles and triangles are relatively easy to make. Advanced curves, spirals, straight lines, fractals and pictures can take a long time to mark out and work.

You will need helpers; decide who will do what and in what order the image needs to be constructed.

You will need a marked rope or a 100ft measuring tape to mark out the site, and a foot-wide wooden board about 4ft long to do the flattening. The board should have ropes attached to each end so you can loop it over your neck.

Ask permission from a farmer and be prepared to pay compensation. A crop circle can cause hundreds of pounds of damage.

Wait for a moonlit night when it is dry. Enter the field by the tramlines, or marks left by tractors.

Mark out the field carefully. Some circle makers use sticks or poles but these can leave tell-tale holes of human intervention.

Put the rope round your neck, with the board on the ground in front of you; press down with your right foot, move it forward, press it down again, and so on.

Leave the field the same way you entered.

Hide your tracks.

Mar 4, 2020
Many crop circles have been debunked. But many others can not be explained. Many are so exquisite, that completely baffles the experts in many fields....ha ha..................of study.