Creator of 1st CRISPR Babies Gets Prison Sentence, Reignites Ethical Debate

Jan 6, 2020
Prison? Or just just a cover to disappear into Chinese military black program?

Not just SYFY conspiracy stuff. Think Manhattan Project (people disappeared in fake accidents etc). Think atomic bomb experiments on soldiers. Think Tuskegee syphilis experiment. That is just a few of scores of real things the US military has admitted to doing since WWI. And it goes back to Civil and Revolutionary wars.

Genetically improved soldiers and astronauts would probably be first desired outcomes if i was Chinese government official. Of course the Chinese would also love to make their society as a whole into a demonstrably superior race (still some indirect racial cleansing going on in Orient).

But just the humanitarian reduction in birth defects and disease would be in the end a sizeable reduction of economic burdens and eventually make China a utopian envy of the world in at least one sense.

Thus I suspect there is too much potential advantage to a nation with a worse interest in human rights over cultural advancement than even the US. The Chinese government even has a fair bit of grassroots cultural support for that idea. But it would not be diplomatic to let the world see that being pursued.