COVID19 Has Actually Distanced Everyone, Not Brought Us Together.

Sep 6, 2020
Toyed with posting as it is possibly more politics than science [Covid19].

Overall I thought the majority of people, governments, countries would unite against a common enemy. I appreciated there would be rogue nations, but overall there would be a collaboration.

I am based in the UK and what I have mostly experienced/ observed close to home are-

Opposition party using COVID as a weapon against the current Government,
Government criticized for acting too late on closing boarders (3 weeks after a mutation discovery) and then acting too quickly to close borders (3 days after a mutation discovery)
Sweden held as champion on how to deal with COVID19 whereas other countries in Europe failed (2020).
Sweden having an inquiry on its failed response to COVID19 (2021).
Arguments over vaccine distribution and countries attempting to 'jump' queues to get their populations protected.
Public ignoring quarantines and rules and then complaining that restrictions cannot be lifted quickly due to continued virus spread.
Public refusing vaccinations and complaining their operations are delayed as hospitals still have patients [that didnt have vaccines].

So on...

Is COVID highlighting, in our lifetime, that world co-operation genuinely is for show whereas the reality is co-operation and a common goal just isnt going to be achievable?
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Nov 12, 2020
If one has a personality quirk, (e.g.: schizoid), dislikes people in general, despises politicians, likes working from home in the basement, views the TV re-runs, and usually has bad breath from eating left over slightly molded pizza, those covid-19 masking, distancing, and confinement regulations don't seem that odious. Snide humor aside. A real concern given our contentious international reactions to the pandemic, is how are we going to cooperate on space exploration for the benefit of humanity?