COVID-19 vaccine benefits 'clearly' outweigh risks of rare myocarditis in teens, CDC says


Aug 15, 2020
Can we please discuss Covid-19 vaccines without politics being the main part of any response.

Vaccines have played a positive role in medicine however that does not mean we cannot be transparent about new vaccines or review the way vaccines are used.

This is not being allowed

Even Dr. Robert Malone — the inventor of mRNA vaccines has asked for a more open discussion on Covid treatments and the vaccines used and has had his videos on mRNA vaccines deleted by youtube and been reviewed by Twitter

The blocking of discussion by serious and independent parties is not helpful to our understanding and development as people or the way we deal with problems

Government is not always right, transparency is the only way forward on a range of subjects.

Even though Dr. Malone could be the single most qualified person on the mRNA topic, as he helped develop the mRNA science behind the COVID-19 vaccines the fact that the social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) are censoring this key opinion leader is really not acceptable

Dr Malone’s comments on mRNAs coincide with the development of a “traditional” vaccine introduced by the U.S.-based company Novavax that’s now being labeled the “Coronavax.”

Dr Malone tweeted

"Novavax COVID vaccine. A "traditional" vaccine for those wary of the gene vaccines (mRNA, adenovirus vectored). And an active control group to compare safety signals between vaccine types for evidence-based medicine fans. #Science #VAERS #Transparency"

According to TrialSite News, this traditional vaccine “demonstrated 100% protection against moderate and severe disease” and “90.4% overall efficacy,” keeping this “Coronavax” competitive with mRNA-based vaccines and superior to the Adenovirus-based Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Dr. Robert Malone asks

“What happens to confidence in public health and USG if ivermectin turns out to be safe and effective for COVID, and the genetic vaccines turn out to have signficant safety issues?” he asked in a tweet on Saturday. “This looks like a very plausible scenario from where I sit.”

“Regarding post-COVID genetic vaccine syndromes. I know they happen, do not know how severe or frequent,” he wrote. “I argue for data transparency from @CDCGlobal @CDCgov and #QALY based risk/benefit assessment. Data. Science-based Medicine. Honesty. Transparency. Bioethics. Not conspiracy.”

Dr Malone recently addressed vaccine safety issues along with Steve Kirsch and Bret Weinstein on a podcast that was immediately censored by YouTube. This video can be seen here on TrialSite.

It is noted that

An evidence review from the Penn Medicine Center for Evidence-Based Practice at the University of Pennsylvania stated in December that “no large trials of any mRNA vaccine have been completed yet” and that “direct evidence on the comparative safety of mRNA vaccines and other vaccines is lacking.

mRNA vaccines are new and there is no long term data about how they work

We also need to take into account and under review the news from Israel that about 50% of new Covid cases are in vaccinated people

We need a strategy to address the possibility of vaccine becoming less effective now or in the future or that the side effects over time may out-weigh the benefits.

While the introduction of a good traditional vaccine alternative is helpful other treatments should be prioritized including rapid trials of ivermectin in separate trial populations

who have no covid
who have mild covid and
who have severe covid

Government supported ivermectin trials have been criticized for bias including by The American Council on Science and Health which is a pro-science consumer advocacy organization and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

The Council was founded in 1978 by a group of scientists with a singular focus: to publicly support evidence-based science and medicine and to debunk junk science and exaggerated health scares.

Existing trials for ivermectin are being ignored or being misrepresented as has been set out by a range of independent scientists shown above

Ivermectin has been politicized like the lab leak theory and vaccines so scientists have been unwilling to speak out on both subjects against the establishment position

Proper government trials for these alternative treatments are long overdue and delays cannot be reasonably explained

Amodiaquine is now in clinical trials for COVID-19 at multiple sites in Africa, where this drug is inexpensive and widely available.

Also see GS-441524