COVID-19 reveals how obesity harms the body in real time

Jan 16, 2020
I carry some extra weight, but I also carry some extra muscle. The BMI formula that only uses height and weight to calculate how fat you are does not work. To prove it, plug in the numbers for Mr. T when he played on The A-Team, and you'll find that he had a BMI of 30. Plug in the numbers for Arnold Schwartzenegger when he was in his weightlifting prime, and he had a BMI of 30.8. 30 and up indicates obese. Neither of these men were anywhere near obese at the time. There is another BMI formula out there that also uses your waist measurement, but doctors don't seem to use that one. My theory is that a lot of the obesity is due to the fact that we process HFCS differently than we do sugar. Of course, the corn industry has been denying that for decades, but some studies show that there is a difference.