COVID-19 quarantine now 10 days, 7 with test, CDC says

Jul 27, 2020
The article notes:

"The 14-day quarantine can pose a huge economic burden for those who can't work during that time, so shorter quarantines will likely increase compliance...."

end quote

The recent explosion of positive cases is obviously due to a lack of compliance not only on quarantines, but all other aspects of mitigation, such as masks, social distancing, large gatherings, etc. Makes some of us wonder if there really is intelligent life here on the planet.

From that perspective, it seems that humans exist as a dichotomy : some people are smart enough to understand the reasons. But sadly, on the flip side, too many are not and just don't care, or still think it is a hoax. Hard to imagine, but the results are without question. Sometimes, ignorance is not bliss.

Most simply don't follow the advice of medical professionals, who are practically in lock-step with how to deal with this pandemic. There is clearly insufficient concern among the masses to control it. Perhaps it needed to be more lethal? We might get to that point if the mutation of this virus goes badly. And the more infections, the more mutations. A form of "viral roulette", some might say.

So, if this is a dry run for a much worse contagion, all of our worries about pollution and saving the planet from human activities might become irrelevant.
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