Covid-19 in South Africa

Mar 22, 2020
Hi. I live in South Africa. I worry that the citizens of South Africa are not aware of the latest actual covid-19 infection figures. Of our labs that can screen for the virus, 90% are private and only 10% are government owned. The definition of a 'confirmed' case is that the diagnosis is confirmed by a government lab. A positive test by a private lab has to be confirmed by a government lab before it can be published. But with the above ratio of private: government labs it is clear that the government labs are in fact creating a bottleneck that is preventing the results of the latest tests from reaching the public. There are further blockages in the pipeline: 1. A test costs R1400. In this country that keeps a lot of people from having the test. 2. In order to 'optimize' the available testing facilities only people who are definitely already showing symptoms are tested. Otherwise they are turned away. This means that people who know that they have come into contact with the virus and who are in fact positive but not yet showing symptoms that are sufficiently definitive are turned away, and are at large and infecting others.