COVID-19 during pregnancy ed to preterm birth

This is the kind of research the conspiracy theorists dream of… COVID19 increases the risk of giving birth prematurely…

Scientist: COVID19 increases the risk of giving birth prematurely so get the vaccine [both doses].

Conspiracy: The vaccine is injecting COVID19 into people.

Scientist: The vaccine contains redundant virus which tricks the body into giving protection.

Conspiracy: The side effects from the vaccine are what you would expect from COVID19?

Scientist: Yes [Conspiracy hijacks conversation]

Conspiracy: You have essence of COVID19 which gives COVID19 illnesses.

Scientist: Yes [tries to say but without the extremes]

Conspiracy: *brings mother and baby into the room* Did you have a vaccine and then give birth a lot earlier than you were meant to?

Scientist: We cannot quantify that she gave birth 6 weeks early with the vaccine rather than 10 weeks without having caught the virus.

Conspiracy: Did you have the vaccine and give birth earlier than you were informed you would?

Mother: Yes