Coronavirus 'spike' protein just mapped, leading way to vaccine

Mar 14, 2020
is possible to destroy s-protein using a wave?

I mean to use resonance, a physics phenomenon that imply vibration of some objects if they are shaked by an appropriate wavelength.

Without s-protein, covid19 isn't dangerous because it can't hit the human cells.
May 9, 2020
Hi Tr ·B, its interesting to see the 3D S protein, but what about comparing it to an actual photo of the protein so we could make more sense of it, all I've seen are blurry of a nano-size virus, when other cartooonise the virus we see a spherical shaped with spikes tiny ball. Now if there is a sequence , arent we closer to finding how to shut off that specific protein? instead of a vaccine? is that possible?. Are you a scientist ? i have many questions such as the one from Davide1985. If we have a ray or wave or nano proton size beam t<ht can scan and at the same time that same beam altering that sequence ? we´ve seen that gamma rays and x rays can go through almost everything, but if we use those kind of rays ( gamma ) to scan and send protons to an specific area of that protein? Simple, we use laser ( none hazard laser) to scan tiny things , I'm highly sure that scanning with nano particles using a "bus" or a lead, then with Microsoft technologies create an algorithm to go specifically to the root or wherever its needed and modify that sequence???, I'm working on it. Actually this proton burst goes any where in the human genoma so you can scan all humanity with the right " gamma " and the right " algorithm