Question Corona status

Apr 8, 2020
I've had exactly the same symptoms of GI issues....gas, bloating, diarrhea...along with the slightly burning throat. All else is fine. And now reading that flatulence can carry the virus, which makes complete sense if your stool can carry the virus. But it makes you wonder if testing facilities will allow you to test based on a claim of diarrhea? I went for testing they just screened me and my temperature was 37.1,but they said I should wait for respiratory symptoms which I haven't shown until now...
Apr 7, 2020
This is a hit and miss ,they are so confused about this kind of issue happening in the world , they are looking at all issues in labs ,but they really do not want to spend time on one case in the field,
to many folks that need attention in the hospitals only the worst and be case will be taken care of.
The president did not know anything about these kinds of problems they never do , he hired folks in his cabinet that where not trained for these types of issues, the CDC group is not as good as they said or else they would of had all the masks ,gloves ,and suits ready for these problems..
The government dropped the ball

I was with the USA weapons division for 18 years