Question Cornona virus heat sensitivity

Mar 23, 2020
Corona virus transmission: Heat sensitivity, underrated? Myth-busting about covid-19 'could be' overrated. Maybe pointing a hair dryer into your nostrils, between long breaths is not as wacky as it may sound. The fact that this corona virus remains undetected for several days before symptoms arise may mean that infection is gaining strength in nasal passages for a while before reaching viability and invading the lungs. Also, standing over a pot of boiling water and breathing in moist steam, might that also have negative effect on the fragile envelopes that contain genetic material, aka VIRUS?

Could some epidemiologists comment, plz?


Community Manager
Nov 12, 2019
Hi, there. There doesn't seem to be any research to suggest heat in nasal passages would help. However, it'll be interesting to see some of the studies done moving forward!