Contagious Vaccines

Mar 4, 2020
Has anybody heard of this? Do a search for contagious vaccines, I found the National Geographic article informative.

I wonder how far this will go, or has gone? Such power is scary.
Sep 6, 2020
Personally I have concerns at first, but there could be a benefit... If we had advertised COVID19 as being a Contagious Vaccine in 2019.... Would more people have self isolated or avoid crowds to pass on 'Government Control'.

As with all things, there would be 100 steps over 4 years to make it the norm so I can't argue against the end result being acceptable in 2065 (need a round number).

Take alcohol, in the 1970s there wasn;t really anything to stop you drink driving other than personal ownership... By the 1980s it was along the lines of thinking of your passengers and then into limits, fines and now it is socially unacceptable.

Getting back to topic... If a bioweapon was released in a war (sorry for being current), it would be a lot easier for people being treated as they fled rather than attempting to find healthcare which is likely destroyed.
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