Connecting the dots: which is the real origin of the global deadly COVID-19 pandemic, China, Italy or USA? What has biotech brought us?

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Jul 2, 2020
It seems pretty clear that the WHO was effectively following Chinese requirements about not disclosing the real pandemic risks in a timely manner

Taiwan being excluded from WHO observer status despite Taiwans good track record with previously stopping SARS and its Dec 2019 warnings and later medical reports being ignored shows how Chinese political demands not health is the driver for the WHO

China has cleverly split the various power groups within the USA, EU, Asia etc - by using wall street, academics, health/fda, food and technology exporters, new silk road plus financing, 5G etc

Look at Trump - until Covid he said Xi was a great guy and Xi could deal with the Uighurs as he liked.

Look at Biden - he is totally conflicted over China via his son etc and Biden has reversed policies requiring Chinese disclosure of influence in USA etc

USA and Western Media are also very compromised by Chinese advertising spending etc

China has a controlled regime that is more disciplined in long-term thinking than the selfish, short-sighted politicians who have come to dominate Western politics. At least, it seems that way to me. Thoughts?
China has rival power groups.

The Xi group does not get on with those in power in China in 2003. They are still fighting each other.

Xi has used executions and long term / life in jail for bribery to take out the oppposition

All regimes and cultures exercise control in different ways domestically and abroad

For example the West uses private debt to lock in citizens to the western system.

China's long term plan is selfish. Look at Tibet, Uighurs, Hong Kong and S. China Sea or climate change. On climate change China is a huge polluter but does not need to comply with agreed rules.

Western countries are short term in policy which is destructive and media driven.

The advantage China has it manipulates its population more effectively than the west.

Both the Chinese and western systems are broken and are destroying humanity.

It seems unlikely that either system will work in the end. In the meantime people will suffer and politicians will continue to destroy what integrity that remains until people take responsibility for national attitudes and actions


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