Chinese University Scientists Sound Energy Can Increase Rainfall


Jul 2, 2020
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Sound Energy Can Increase Rainfall in Drought Prone Areas, Find Chinese University Scientists

The team conducted a weather manipulation experiment on the Tibetan Plateau in 2020. The Chinese researchers recorded an increase in rainfall of up to 17 percent by pointing a giant loudspeaker at the sky.

The research team, led by Professor Wang Guangqian from the Tsinghua University's State Key Laboratory of Hydro-science and Engineering, said: "The total annual atmospheric water vapor resource in China is about 20 trillion tonnes. [But] only 20 percent forms natural precipitation that reaches the ground, and the precipitation conversion rate in western regions is even smaller."

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It would be informative to know the sound wave frequency and intensity. This may offer an alternative to destructive droughts that impact food growing regions. Hopefully, further tests and measurements will be implemented by many countries.

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