Sep 2, 2020
Dear sir/madam, i am kashmir administrated india, there are more heart attack cases in kashmir from last one month nearly approaching to 20+ now. The weather in kashmir in winters remains very low going to minus 10. And the people here are also asymptomatic for virus may be the reason of heart attack. The doctors cannot find why the heart attacks occur. It effects men most of any age mostly young. Rare case of women here. I want to ask what can be the reason.
Nov 12, 2020
Globally heart attacks are a major cause of mortality. There is a lot of data on covid-19 effects and heart attacks. A search on "covid-19 related heart attacks" may provide some useful data. (try as an example). Note: Your country's national health service should have data. Also, you could try the U.S. government's website. I have found that the specifics of heart attacks related to the covid-19 virus are expressed in probable terms and different for locations.