Can the EmDrive actually work for space travel?

Aug 22, 2020
There is actually no need for exotic physics for creating a working EmDrive!

ALL photons (including MW photons) have/carry momentum!
So, for example, any laser device in space would act like an EmDrive and produce (tiny) thrust!

The problem w/ current EmDrive prototype is that it does NOT have a hole to let generated MW photons to escape and carryaway momentum (& so produce thrust)!

(One may ask, if so then, what exactly would be best EmDrive for space?
Any photon (light/laser, RF, MW) source would act as an EmDrive in space (since ALL photons carryaway momentum)!
Then it depends on what kind of device can produce highest energy/momentum photons most efficiently!
(It maybe a UV laser (array)?))
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Jul 27, 2020
(It maybe a UV laser (array)?
This reminds me a bit of a fusion reactor generating propulsion. People have suggested that such a source of energy might provide for enormous thrust from a low mass fuel source. You have an onboard reactor that is working at 15 miilion K or so, and feeding tiny amounts of hydrogen keeps it cranking out a lot of energy. But how do you get propulsion from that energy?

Can you convert the energy into some form of massive "photon thrust" in order to obtain propulsion? Can any one see how to get a "UV laser (array)", or even higher, like X-Ray or Gamma-Ray drive? You would still need to exhaust a lot of photons, and how would you generate them from the energy of fusion?

Clearly a static device producing a lot of energy is not going anywhere. But could there be a future for fusion-based EmDrive?!

See my thread on asking how a fusion-powered drive could work at:

As expected, no one came up with even a reasonable idea of how to get this to work. But fusion and EmDrive, that is a new concept, at least for me!! :)
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Nov 12, 2020
its may be thermodynamic . use a big elastic with the outside pressure then its a wave back and forth motion and the gas pressurising . a cylinder could also help. It would be interesting if it ads a vector to a 7 or 8 mass system. a spining bearing moving up and down , a spin mass with elongating wobble, a surface spin like with a heavy mass object for astounding . You could maybe even create a geometrical horizon and perhaps a mini mass of the 5th dimension. also more vectorial spin of a pentagonal maybe even octogonal pattern .Like when they say things falling in a blackhole do.
Jul 27, 2020
Why don't we just use laser ablation?
Are you suggesting that one or more large lasers inside of "thrust chambers" hammers some kind of fuel that provides exhaust gases as super-high temperatures? That might work, using containment fields like in the fusion reactor.

It is the best idea I have heard yet regarding fusion-powered spacecraft, although it does not involve EmDrive, or does it? Are you proposing it for an EmDrive mechanism, or fusion-powered drive?



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