Question Can anyone clarify a few questions on the ACS exam for me?

Dec 13, 2019
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I'm in OChem I and of course we're about to take the ACS exam. My teacher had mentioned that in the past the ACS exam includes Ochem I and II content on it, however that there is a new exam this year that only covers OChem I. The study guide that I have for the ACS exam (doesn't specify Ochem I or II so I figured it covers content from both semesters) doesn't seem to have anything new or foreign to me though. It looks like mostly everything we have learned in this first semester.
However, I haven't heard anything else about this "new" version of the exam and was wondering if anyone could confirm. Just for my own curiosity. I want to know if I'll be retaking this same exam next year for Ochem II or if they actually do have a different one for 2nd semester OChem.
Does anyone know from a credible source?
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