Brazen Thieves Plunder Priceless Jewels and Historic Artifacts in 2 Heists in Germany

Feb 20, 2021
Good Evening, I write this post so that a reply is provided for the article "Brazen Thieves Plunder Priceless Jewels and Historic Artifacts in 2 Heists in Germany". This is yet another 'massive museum operation' that has been in the works for who knows how long. First of all, to steal more than 100 individual objects concerned with both Art and History is a disgrace. Something of this sort should not be allowed to happen. However, from time to time these wrongdoings DO happen. And it is an utter shame. To steal jewelry and medals that belonged to some of the greatest leaders and role models that are studied in the academic disciplines of Art and History... I say to the 2 persons who committed such a museological tragedy at Dresden and to the 4 persons who committed such a museological tragedy at Berlin, "Have you not been educated in the "Common Sense of Museum Heists/Museum Crimes?"

First off, there are security cameras that have been installed in (and around) the Green Vault Museum building and the Stasi Museum building. With such tools, it is rather challenging to attempt to steal such valued objects of both artistic and historic heritage and culture alike. Second off, there are sensors placed in each of the exhibits (and surrounding architecture) in such a museum as the Green Vault and the Stasi. With that, security and other similar officials within law enforcement are able to be notified (via specially-designed electronic devices specifically geared toward security officers/agents). Third off, inside of each museum (nowadays anyways) are digital, electronic computer devices that are installed in each of the floors of a museum. Using what's known as Computer and Data Surveillance, an individual who works for the security team of the museum, using the appropriate techniques and instructions, can quickly yet comprehensively identify local tourists (and non-tourists) alike who have decided to visit the museum. In the case of criminals and those that commit felonies and etc. due to the stealing of artwork, a security official can rapidly identify and capture a heist (or its visible intentions), and believe it or not, (possibly) in real-time (i.e. as it happens).

All of this that I have written comes to mean something, though. And that is that museums (and other historical organizations, such as Libraries and Archives and Galleries and Fairs) will see a very significantly huge decrease in the number of attempts and, likewise, a very significantly huge decrease in number of completed heists as well. Which means, in due time, it will become safer for tourists, residents, and citizens alike to visit and likewise attend a museum/museum activity.

Lastly, I'll state that these people who have committed the wrongdoing at Dresden and Berlin will NEVER be forgiven for what they have done to negatively affect the culture and the industry and the legal constructs of such cherished organizations.