Bluetooth: Who invented it and how does it work?

Mar 4, 2020
It didn't work for me. Several years ago, I got tired of all the wires and cords, and bought BT keyboard, mouse, speakers for my desktop computer..

The delay form the BT software overhead, made for a very frustrating experience. Delays for both keyboard and mouse inputs, and out of sync audio.

I spent a lot of $ for all this and it was terrible. Tried for about a month on several trouble shooting forums, with no improvement with it.

Went back to wired speakers.....and non BT, radio links for keyboard and mouse. And was back in business.

NO BT for me.

I also tried BT for for TV audio sound board. But had the same problem. BT was a terrible product for me. A non BT radio link is much faster.

That was my experience with it. My first computer was a 4 bit rig in the late 70s.