Blood Clots

When I first heard of the (Very) small but heightened risks of blood clots associated with the OXFORD vaccine the only question I had was "FOR HOW LONG DOES THIS HEIGHTENED RISK REMAIN". I was gob smacked when nobody seemed to ask this vital question. Does the risk fade after a few weeks are does one have a heightened risk of blood clots for the rest of their lives. I asked my MP who asked the relevant medical experts who's reply seemed to ignore the question. I re-phrased the question and the answer still didn't answer that simple question. And now as booster jabs are approaching I have another question - If the 2 jabs have left a heightened risk of blood clots with me for life - do booster shots further heighten that risk and accumulate so that after 4 , 5 or 10 boosters - death becomes imminent - Noody seems to understand the question let alone answer it ?
Mar 19, 2020
It's easier to get blood clots from viral infections themselves, not vaccines, and the time frame for increased VITT risk from J&J and AstraZeneca is less than 28 days, according to the University of Michigan health. The mRNA vaccines Moderna and Pfizer have been shown to also have this risk, but incredibly reduced. Consideration for a VITT diagnosis should ruled out after 42 days according to the American Society of Hematology.

I sure hope the medical experts can use google, or our healthcare system has another thing coming.
Thanks. Do these 28 and 42 day limits mean that all those prone to clots would have had them by then and that those not prone have escaped by virtue of their constitution. And have those more resilient people ( whilst remaining clot free) - still walking around with elevated clotting potential. In short were the clot risk stats of 28 / 40 days supported by blood test being taken or by a "Those left standing" assessment . Thanks for your time