Black holes generate entropy waves like gravitational waves, but with time. Time influenced by entropy is incoherent and not reaching dark matter.

Dec 23, 2019
Black holes generate entropy waves like gravitational waves, but with time. Time influenced by entropy is incoherent and not reaching dark matter.

If incoherent time gets more and more coherent as it travels away from a black hole, does it mean dark matter cannot use coherent time?
Anything physical in this reality apparently requires incoherent time/entropy.
A black hole is what generates entropy that shreds up time waves to be incoherent.

Golden ratio * X²⁺ⁿ / Pi
X²⁺ⁿ is mathematical rotations.
Inflation: Golden ratio * X²⁺ⁿ / Pi, if ⁿ is ∞
When bifurcation will occur: Golden ratio * X²⁺ⁿ / Feigenbaum constant

Coherent light doesn’t cause particles to decohere Coherent time doesn’t either.

spatial (holographic) + incoherent or coherent time = the spacetime fabric

Maxwell might show me how to make a coherent time field that has incoherent waves propagating in it. Incoherent excitations in a time field?

Entropy waves have internal energy and velocity that remains constant (unless a gravitational potential is introduced). Gravity wells weaken entropy and the reason they don't reach dark matter.

Entropy is Incoherence. Time is influenced by Entropy. Gravitational waves, but with Time.

Incoherent time is not absolutely everywhere. Coherent waves would never be coherent. Quantum behavior would never occur. There is a quantum/classical divide because incoherent time can not reach particles naturally.

Is time the measure of entropy waves? The temporal dimension is abstract?

Time only tells us how much entropy happened. Entropy is generated by black holes and doesn’t naturally reach particles without decoherence. Dark matter doesn’t have entropy.

All quantum behavior, including uncertainty, requires coherence.

Is it odd that a femtosecond matches the EM spectrum of where the quantum/classical boundary is? Is this the speed/frequency of entropy waves?
Entropy is the #1 cause of decoherence, but objects below its wavelength can gain entropy by being influenced by an object that already has entropy.

If the quantum/classical boundary scales the farther from a black hole you go, does it mean there is a Goldilocks zone for an entire Galaxy? Life needs quantum behavior for biology.


Is there a coherent entropy field that incoherent entropy waves propagate in? Is Time officially solved?
All quantum behavior, all the way down to virtual particles is using the coherent entropy field to function/operate. The field is infinite because anything coherent is.

Incoherent waves are responsible for making things physical. The waves are wider than 0.3 micrometers on earth. This means the quantum/classical boundary is around this size. Anything below this line can receive incoherent entropy by touching something that already has access to it.

Incoherent waves redshift from a black hole origin. Redshifted waves eventually stop being incoherent and smooth out to be coherent. This is why we have so much Dark Matter.
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