Biological QE-Based Mechanism for Temporally Reversed Information Flow

Jul 3, 2021
Building upon research into the use of nanocubbies to establish a Bose-Einstein Condensate at room temperature from a number of months ago, I floated this idea on another forum and got some positive feedback but no one is sure what to do with the information. Having already established a method for inverting the mass of neutrinos in order to achieve a similar end, I was seeking alternative methods of accomplishing this information flow, specifically one that does not carry uncertainty in predictions. In order to establish what is known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge without excessive (or even substantial) power requirements, I have laid out a hypothesis built upon the notion that these bridges may exist in the human brain in neural tissue and may explain precognitive phenomenon.

The concept is thus: If a molecule consisting of both lead and carbon, with a single lead atom and many liganded carbon atoms were to fold in on itself in such a way that atomic motion would be restricted, much as a polymer in a nanocubby, and a state of superconduction within the molecule (internally) could exist., within this structure, it may be possible for Higgs Bosons, abundant in the lead atom due to the greater number of protons (greater mass) could be conditionally shifted away from the core lead atom and into the surrounding carbon atoms. If this is the case, an excess of Higgs Bosons in those peripheral atoms could cause those peripheral carbons to act like a sail that catches extra wind, pulling the entire molecule forward in time at an increased rate. Because of the superconducting state of the BEC, the molecule would exist in multiple points in time simultaneously, meaning that if it were entangled with another similar molecule at any point along the way, the entangled molecule could emit electrical signals interpretable by the brain and thus, introduce into the mind information from a point in time considered to be "the future." The downside to this mechanism would be that any event predicted by the mechanism would have to happen, and so it could not be used to prevent regrettable events from happening, something that the tachyonic method I mentioned in an earlier thread would be capable of. Naturally, if information can be introduced to the past about an event that must happen, then any other facet of the chronology leading up to that event may still be altered, and in fact, could be self-altering since the Universe must find some way to right itself, as it were.

I suppose this is somewhere in between science and science fiction, and I thought it deserved to be shared a little more widely than it has thus far.

Good evening, everyone.