Being green with the help from the space

Jul 29, 2021
Space, Climate Change, and International Cooperation: SWFoundation and British Embassy are hosting an experts panel role in monitoring and tackling climate change.

Technology and thus our lifestyle changed drastically for over a century. Chasing either comfort or stars, either knowledge or effectiveness, industries and science have changed the social structure itself with the demands and the scale of interfering with Nature.

We have predicted and steadily watched Nature taking its processes of climate changes, weather extremes and destruction of local ecosystems.

Today, when the extremes are obvious with heat, tropic nights, fires, floods it is not possible to stop all the cars, plants, cut electricity consumption and go to dark and wait. Also, it is not possible to waste time only trying to tackle the blazes where it just appears.

Time to take international initiatives and leverage the situation in a cooperative, proactive and effective way.

Science and technology are the best tools for the task, giving the opportunity of capturing, analyzing, putting priorities and measures fast. Tacking cutting-edge technologies, and space for the Earth is in the front.

As stated above high-level initiatives are in action. These actions need strong, modern technology based companies to get involved. One of the key features of success in space technology is the engagement of many countries and companies at the same time in order to have fast action due to the complexity of these projects.

Reliable and successful companies are there in action.

It is possible to get the relevant example from Skyrora, the UK private rocket launch company.

And personally think carefully of the carbon footprint reduction.
Nov 1, 2021
You don't need to go forest bathing to get health benefits from nature. Even small green spaces can help, but quality matters.

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