Beginner lathe for a science project?

Jan 23, 2022
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Hi there! A high school student here needs to get his hands on a wood lathe to create a science project. Basically, I'll be making a wooden robotic figure for which I need a beginner woodturning device. What can I buy that's easy to learn on & isn't expensive. I'll be buying it on installments from amazon so it's important that the wood lathe must be available there. Thank you in advance!
I don't know how old you are or your experience. But just a friendly word of caution. Have you ever been around or used rotating shaft equipment? Perhaps a tractor PTO? A feed elevator augur? Maybe a corded large power drill with large bit? Or a floor buffer on a sticky surface?

Ever get wrapped up in a power cord? A rotating shaft can be extremely dangerous. A loose sleeve cuff, a tie, a necklace, bracelet can kill one quickly. Don't have strings, wires or ropes around. No corded eye-ware.

I know they now have devices that can freeze a table saw blade. They might have something similar for lathes. If not....invent one...they should be there, it's 2022.

Good luck and have safe enjoyment.
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