Audio podcasts, all languages

May 20, 2023
I run a multimedia localization business and I am fanatical about Science!
I've been here before looking for an audio podcast of your articles, then left again without thinking to offer one! (It is my business!) Maybe I missed it under the menus?
Audio readings of your articles (all, or just the most popular?) would offer an added dimension to a broader audience... Also possible in any other language/voice (with our quick, efficient, flexible, quality, AI -> Human process; well as video localization in all languages!).
~16% of the global population speak English as a native or 2nd language, that's another ~84% that you don't reach.
Who do I speak to? (At least please forward this to the relevant person, thank you.🙏)
And thank you all for an essential contribution to global scientific learning & knowledge!