Are US communities and hospitals ready to take on COVID-19?

Apr 7, 2020
I don't think so because they really don't know the major mode of transmission which is airborne. This 6 feet distance and handwashing suggestions were stared by somebody as the only thing that is needed and a million "experts" are parroting them. The airborne transmission is barely given a passing thought. So far more infections may be occurring in Shopping stores, apartment buildings, subways, buses, and other enclosed spaces. The airflow from HVAC can keep the virus suspended and circulated to infect people through eyes and nose. Nursing homes are particularly vulnerable as virus-laden air from one room travels to other rooms. One infected nursing home attendant can start a chain reaction and data indicates that. They should quarantine the attendants and inmates in separate trailers or equivalent and any attendant who leaves the place must go through at least 5 days of quarantine and retest.