Are there statistics on healthy over 70s?

Mar 18, 2020
We are being told that the fatalities are usually older folk all with underlying health problems. Where can we find the statistics on a) over 70s, (b) under 70s with numbers in each case for (i) infected (ii) infected and requiring hospital facilities, (iii) fatal. for those with no underlying health issues. (of particular importane is (ii) as information seems be around for (iii) Presumably this information will show why healthy over 70s are expected to be so much more stringent than under 70


Mar 16, 2020
I would like to know this aswell. I bet this is happening to older people due to them not working out as much or eating as healthy as younger people, as our younger culture is more into health than the older generation. Not to mention, younger people already have a beefier immune system to start.

If there are numbers to show how many healthy elderly people are dying vs the elderly who are on say medications and already have some medical issues to begin with would be nice to see.