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Question Are there any tribal groups out there who do not interact with modern culture at all?

Nov 18, 2019
Pretty much what the question asks... I am curious if there are still any tribes out there that do not interact with modern culture?

I'd love to have some links to real science and anthropological evidence of this. There are so many clickbait sites out there.
Nov 22, 2019
There are a few tribes here in Brazil, in Amazonia. You probably know that. But I recommend you to seek the work of Darcy Ribeiro, a famous anthropologist in Brazil who studyed and defended such tribes.
Nov 26, 2019
I do think there could be very limited and far an few between tribes that possibly haven't been affected by modern man in some way, be it modern cloth, tools or some advance to their civilization whether it's been passed on or discovered from loss or abandonment in their living environment. These places could only be possible in the biggest forests on Earth but possible I imagine? The tribes living in forests are in tune with nature and their surroundings and have respect for the environment, we should take note as lessons can be learnt from their morals and principles.