Are non-stick pans safe?

Sep 5, 2020
Is Teflon, the clear plastic used to coat pots and pans, safe to use?

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I recall when Teflon pots and pans hit the market. They were manufactured in the next town over from me. I have not, nor ever will, trust any non-stick coating. I prefer the materials that have been in use for a century or more. I don't think we need any more chemicals in our environment, especially regarding food.
Oct 6, 2020
> heat your pan to 260 F (127 C; the temperature at which we sear steak), the pan should last around 2.3 years

Are you sure you don't mean 260 C, 500 F, that's more like what you'd sear a steak at, 260 F would barely cook a thin piece of meat over a fairly long period...