Are 'covid toes' a real symptom of the coronavirus?

The location and presentation of rashes combined with abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting are suggestive of systemic disease from B3 deficiency (Pellagra). Pellagra is rarely seen in western world today. It may well be that a primary response to covid infection is intestinal and may be causing processing of tryptophan to halter with the body response of attempting to leech niacin from other cells. The same applies to calcium and D3 (It may well be a complex B issue. as seen in presentations of skeletal aches, fatigue, mental confusion, mood alteration etc.) Most viruses rapidly create deficiency syndromes as the body attempts to confront the invader. In the race to battle viruses, doctors tend to look for external remedy and overlook the incredibly complex nature of the immune structure. With covid, it is all too obvious that the protocol of only testing and hospitalizing the severe to critical patients represents the impulse to look for the external magic bullet. Listening to the body tell us what it needs and responding to this... and at a much earlier stage of illness... might save a great many more lives.