An astronomer calculated that Earth's intelligent life is probably 'rare.' Here's what that means

Jul 20, 2023
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Interesting, but every plant an animal on Earth will die if the CO2 level falls to 160 parts per million.
In normal respiration the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the lungs is much higher than it is in the atmosphere. Every time we exhale the volume of air expelled contains circa 40,000 ppm. For the carbon dioxide dissolved in the blood to cross the membrane in the alveoli of the lungs, there must be a minimum partial pressure of carbon dioxide that is lower in the fresh air inhaled than the used air expelled from the lungs. The movement of carbon dioxide across the alveolar membrane ceases if the carbon dioxide in the air is circa 160 ppm. Hence all animals will choke to death at this low level of carbon dioxide in the air.

To reiterate, and including the situation of plants:
The atmosphere exists in a steady state due to feedback inhibitions on the rate of chemical reactions affecting the atmosphere. There is no out-of-control climate change to be concerned about, and claims that there is are duplicitous. Plants need carbon dioxide to grow and the higher the level in the air the less water they need to grow. Plants also photosynthesize to split oxygen from carbon dioxide. This all stops at 160 ppm of carbon dioxide in the air. At 160 ppm carbon dioxide in the air all plants and animals will die. All plants will die because their stomata will remain fixed in the open position and all will dehydrate to death. On average, for every carbon dioxide molecule that enters the stomata the plant loses 100 water molecules. Animals and humans will all choke to death at 160 ppm in the air because respiration (carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen in the alveoli of the lungs) ceases at 160 ppm of carbon dioxide in the air.

This exchange of gases is governed by Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures (gases move from areas of higher concentration of that particular gas (partial pressure) to lower concentration od the same gas (partial pressure). When we exhale the carbon dioxide in our lungs is circa 40,000 ppm. The average school and university lecture room has about 7000 ppm or higher of carbon dioxide in the air with no ill effects providing ventilation is adequate.

Carbon dioxide is therefore our friend. My understanding is that so far, on this issue, estimated as over USD 66 Trillion has been squandered to enrich the few, largely in the past two decades. Surely Y2K, another non problem, was merely a test run to gauge the credulousness of the population. Also, the willingness of some politicians to never waste a supposed crisis if there is a dollar to be made, and the cupidity of the few who always have an eye to the main chance?

During a previous ice age the carbon dioxide level fell to 180 ppm. Close, but no cigar.
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