A grand unified field theory

Jul 11, 2022
Higgs Boson, in its field of vibration, particles get mass, by the distortion of space-time. This vibrates to produce virtual gravitons from the gravitational field, which detect the data of the other particle and form gravity. This graviton only goes at the speed of light, therefore, gravitational waves also travel at the speed of light. If the Higgs Boson vibrates up-down, it produces gravity; and if it vibrates left-right, it causes space to expand. Space expands into space, and other objects are pushed away. In real life, the Higgs-boson is vibrating in all directions, and at any instant, the Higgs Boson causes gravity and expansion of space. In a black hole, the singularity has infinite curvature, and therefore potentially could have an infinite number of particles in it; making it have infinite gravity. The Higgs Boson, also breaks down in these conditions, but somehow these particles still have mass.

Please tell me what you think of this.
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