A few thoughts from a Newbie.

Jul 16, 2020
Hello, everyone, I'm new to this forum (UK resident, btw) and hope folk will bear with me as I my own field is in the humanities and my knowledge of science sketchy, though I'm working on it. Obviously, like everyone else I'm thinking of Covid 19. I think it is a genuine illness and potentially very serious one and have no time for conspiracy theories, but also worry about how it seems to have totally taken things over. Here, at least, research into other illnesses has stopped for months and even treatment/therapy been adversely affected. I also think that precautions are necessary but there is a risk that total fixation on it may lead to things that are at best inhumane and at worst close to mental (or even physical) torture.

I have seen/read things about how to get young people on the autistic spectrum to wear a mask. Even in areas where it is otherwise compulsory (mixed feelings) they should be exempt. Likewise people with Alzheimers denied physical contact or sometimes even visits from loved ones. My Mum had this awful condition so I have some notion of the heartache and, yes, fear, this causes.

I suppose I'm saying yes, acknowledge the illness exists and look for ways to treat it, protect against it, or limit its spread. But not at any expense (and in this instance I don't mean money) and unthinkingly. Again, sorry for inexpert way of putting things.