How To A Briefing for Covid-19 soldiers.

Apr 1, 2020
No doubt Covid-19 is now public enemy #1 around the world. And no wonder, its at least as infectious as the flu, and an order of magnitude more deadly for those who get it.

Like it or not we are all soldiers in the war against it. Like soldiers in an army, our basic mission is to defeat the enemy while avoiding becoming a casualty.

The enemy virus attacks by spreading itself in the misty droplets expelled by the coughing, sneezing, or vigorous talking or breathing of infected carriers. We become casualties by getting these infected droplets in our eyes, or inhaling them through our nose or mouth. The carrier insurgents are hard to recognize, they can be virtually anybody, because many have no symptoms and don't even realize themselves that they are carrying the virus. No one can be assumed to be virus free.

The basic tactics we have been assigned to stop the virus and protect ourselves are pretty simple:
  1. Distance to stay out of range of the droplets. They have have a maximum range of only about 6 feet when spread by the cough or sneeze of an infected carrier.
  2. In situations where you can't stay out of range by distancing 6 feet or more, wear a protective mask and glasses.
  3. If you can't distance or wear a mask and glasses, or if you are feeling sick, or have a fever, stay home.
  4. Practice hand washing, especially before touching or rubbing eyes. The wearing of glasses, even if they are simple safety glasses will help us avoid unintentionally touching our eyes.
Proficient practice of the four precautions listed above should be sufficient to protect most of us from getting the virus. By protecting ourselves, we also succeed in our part of the missions to defeat the virus!

Washing of hands before preparing or eating of food is always a good ideal, even though many health authorities advise "there is no evidence that the virus is spread by food (ingestion)". I personally believe it can be spread by ingestion of virus contaminated food, but when we are infected through oral ingestion I believe the resulting case symptoms are typically milder.

Many of the additional mandated measures such as self isolation, business closures, and travel restrictions would likely be necessary if everybody could be counted on to reliably practice the four precautions listed above, but there is the rub, our governments don't think they can rely on us to do that. Should we prove them wrong?

Be safe, stop the virus!
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