8 of the biggest natural disasters in history

Sep 6, 2020
As always, with these article is can really start a debate of what should be included ahead of another event.... All terrible regardless.
I would put forward the following...

"More than 9.000 people were killed by the direct effects of the [Laki] eruption, like lava and poisonous gases. The ash was carried away with the wind and poisoned the land and the sea, killing half of the Icelandic cattle population and a quarter of the sheep and horses population. Nothing would grow on the fields and no more fish could be found in the sea. In the resulting famine (1783-1784) estimated twenty thousand people - one-third of the population of Iceland - died.

But the Laki eruption had possibly even more widespread effects. In the years after the eruption the climate in Europe deteriorated, characterized by cool and rainy summers. The resulting crop failures triggered one of the most famous insurrections of starving people in history - the French Revolution of 1789-1799."