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Top 5 5 Amazing Augmented Reality SaaS platforms

Jan 3, 2020
Augmented Reality can be considered as one of the biggest technology trends right now that places virtual objects in the real world. If the stats are top be believed there will be more than 1 billion augmented reality users in 2020. Augmented Reality will enhance and expand the real world by adding layers of digital information to it. It can be one of the interactive and appealing ways that will help to render the real world information so that the virtual elements will become part of the real world.
Top industries like Entertainment, Healthcare, Architecture, and eCommerce are widely using AR SaaS platforms. It is a very good idea to create a mobile application related to AR. Therefore it is necessary to have an AR development platform to showcase your brand in a better way. Here we have listed 5 Amazing Augmented Reality SaaS platforms that will bring your ideas to life.
PlugXR -
PlugXR is a cloud-based AR SaaS platform that will help to enhance your AR experiences with simple drag and drop options. This platform supports advanced analytics, call to actions, images, animations, and bundled with many other features. There is no dependency on a developer that will help to save the cost and time with 10X speed and eliminating the dependency on Hardware, Software, and any other resources.
Yeppar -
Yeppar is an augmented reality mobile application for many industries that will help to convert personal memories into reality through “marker image recognition”. It easily recognizes the images, products, memories and this recognition will trigger a response to mobile devices. It is an industry-centric platform that will turn any product into an interactive and innovative experience.
Onirix -
Onirix is a cloud-based Augmented Reality platform that allows publishing without any coding knowledge. It is a good publishing tool for social media, print, and Web AR without the need for an app. It provides you with a complete custom AR experience for the events and campaigns. It will allow managing and hosting your AR content in an easy and quick way.
UniteAR -
UniteAR allows creating AR very quickly without any technical knowledge and uses all types of digital content. It provides an interactive learning system that combines digital objects and the real world. It provides a great customer experience that will integrate Augmented Reality into different Marketing campaigns.
Scapic -
Scapic is one of the simplest and easy platforms that will allow people to create experiences within hours. This tool will help to increase conversions and boost engagement without any coding knowledge. It will allow users to explore and build VR/VR experiences from their web browsers.
The above-mentioned platforms will surely give you the idea of Augmented Reality SaaS platforms. You can go through the features offered by these platforms and check how it can be beneficial for your brands and business.


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