2024 BX1 asteroid enters earth’s atmosphere


Astronomer K. Sarneczky from GINOP-KHK, Piszkesteto station, discovered another Earth impactor, approx. 3 hours before it entered the atmosphere just west of Berlin, Germany. He was able to submit to the Minor Planet Center some astrometry, before it became too fast. He then started to obtain some trails; the last one shows the asteroid, now designated 2024 BX1, when it entered Earth shadow. It's just a crop of the original image. The trail should continue toward the top of the image, but after a decrease in brightness, it suddendly disappeared. Images were taken remotely from Schiaparelli Observatory near Varese, Italy (MPC 204) by Luca Buzzi and Gianni Galli.

Photographer's website:
See: https://spaceweathergallery2.com/indiv_upload.php?upload_id=203314