2021 Nobel Prizes (My Own Ideas)

Jul 3, 2021
I realize you're not allowed to nominate yourself, but... Let me know if any of these concepts are appealing to you

Here are my entries:

2008 - Flash LiDAR
2009 - Resolution Enhancement of Digital Images by Way of Blending of Multiple Images at Half-Pixel Offsets of Sensor Orientation Using Ultra-Fast Micro-Actuations
2019 - Tachyon Generation Hypothesis
2019 - Gluonic Catalyst Hypothesis to Support Fusion Ignition
2020 - Atomic-Width Insulators for Electronics
2020 - (Medicine) Hypothesis on Cause of Migraines
2021 - Plan for Remote Calibration of a GPS System on a Planet Other Than Earth
2021 - System for Artificially Producing Tachyons Outside of Neural Tissue
2021 - (Medicine) Hypothesis on the Purpose of Sleep and the Purpose of Dreams
2021 - Metal Brace Piezoelectric Concept for Facilitating Superconduction Through Nanotubes at Room Temperature
2021 - (Peace) Concept for Use of A.I. to Rapidly Create One-Time-Use Operating Environments for the Purpose of "Breaking" Computer Viruses
2021 - Discovery of the Cause of Havana Syndrome (Magnetostrictive Sonic Generation for the Purpose of Covert Room Mapping)
2021 - Piezoelectric Heat Generation without Need for Mechanical Actuation (Steady Heat Generation Without Additional Electrical Input) Using Electron Volley Through a Superconductor Technique
2021 - Unified Theory Combining Seismic Activity, Volcanic Activity, and Solar Activity with Hypothesis on Predictive Technology
2021 - (Medicine) Reason for Misophonia
2021 - (Medicine) Link Between Oscillatory Frequency of Brain Activity and Efficiency of Formation and Accessibility of Memories
2021 - Hypothesis of Naturally-Occurring Neurological Molecules that Act as Einstein-Rosen Bridges Without Requiring Electrical Energy As Well As Plausible Evolutionary Explanation for Evolution of Capability
2021 - Spintronic Photon Binning to Support Ultra-High Resolution Spintronic-Optronic Hybrid Camera at Resolutions of 40GP and Higher
2021 - (Medicine) Coupling of Oxygen-Phobic Molecule to Glucose Analog to Assist in the Treatment of Cancer by Increasing Concentrations of Glucose Analog Drugs in Cancer Tissues Thereby Maximizing Safe Dosage
2021 - (Chemistry) GMO Grass with Self-Limiting Length, Anti-Weed Properties
2021 - Proposal for the Use of Spin Property Transference via Bombardment of Physical Matter with High-Spin Neutrinos Combined with EM Pulse to Propel Physical Objects Backward in Time
2021 - Proposed Method of Rendering Inert Nuclear Waste by Accelerating Natural Decay by Millions of Times Using Combination U-235 Laser Aerosolization Within Intense Magnetic Field and Positron Bombardment as well as New Theory of Nuclear Decay and Explanation for Trans-Uranic Instability


Oct 12, 2021
Definitely a good list, Especially, I agree with the proposed Method of Rendering Inert Nuclear Waste. This is a thing that is very important and I wish we could have done this research earlier. With new technologies and launches in space, it's especially important.
Jul 3, 2021
2021 - (Medicine) Autism Spectrum Variability in Symptoms May Be Explained by Understanding Autism as Neuronal Dopamine Metabolism Disorder and Firing Asynchronicity Disorder in Select Cells

2021 - (Medicine/Physics)
Exploring Approaches to Cognitive Enhancement and Import of Temporally Displaced Information by Understanding the Antagonists and Synergists of Cognition, Dynamics of Signal Amplification in Neural Tissue

2021 - Using Hydrogels as Scaffolding for Artificial Astrocytes in Artificial Neural Networks

2021 - Establishment of Quantum Entanglement of Sequestered Electrons Without Need to “Brute Force” Linkage and Improving Durability of Linkages

2021 - Improving Lithium Battery Durability by Solving Graphite Anode Distortion Problem Posed by Argonne National Laboratory

2021 - (Medicine) Explaining Schizophrenia's Slow Onset, Causes, and Potential Avenue for Cure

2021 - Using Dips in Magnetic Flux to Predict Earthquake Activity, Further Elucidation of Earlier Theory of Vulcanism

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