12 Aspects of One-Dimensional Time

Dec 11, 2019
Interesting article with Stephen Hawking's musings (and formulas) on the subject. You can also get both imaginary time and imaginary mass by plugging velocities faster than light into Einstein's equations....
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Dec 26, 2019
12 Aspects of One-Dimensional Time

7 aspects of regular time: beginning, end, past, present, future, void, and a constant - the speed-of-light.

4 aspects of hypertime: fast-forward, reverse, pause/stop, and before the beginning and after the end. Note how these resemble operating a video.

12. imaginary time; http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Imaginary_time

The movie has already been made. But we can focus on one part of the movie. We can also go to the beginning, middle and end. Just looking into deep space we can see the start of this particular movie. Good Psychics can tap into the energies of the future. The problem I see in the future part is the infinite amount of timelines that are available to that future. I guess its kind of like a movie where you chose the ending but their are many options.
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