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  1. MasterOgon

    Experimental research of flapping flight, unexplored aerodynamics phenomenon and the question of the effectiveness of a flying saucer

  2. Zulls

    Question Does teleportation of matter between dimensions have predictable effects on the time component of the spacetime?

    If spacetime is a united "entity", does removing matter from one spacetime and inserting it into another have any consequences on both these universes? In other words - does subtracting from the sum of matter in one universe and adding to another affect the time in both these universes? I am a...
  3. pittsburghjoe

    Are coherent waves stereographic/warped projections onto a unit circle of an i,j plane? Fringes in the double slit were complex numbers starting at -1

    Fringes in the double slit were complex numbers starting at -1 and landing on a final panel at 0. The final panel is at half a mathematical sphere. 3D number example: 2.65 + 3.58i + 9.79j Coherent waves are complex numbers being projected/mapped from a mathematical sphere to a circle...
  4. pittsburghjoe

    Time + coherent Math + Spatial (decoherence) = Spacetime(GR)?

    Is spatial and decoherence the same thing? Is spacetime and GR the same thing? Time = Mathematical Rotation Golden ratio x (repeated multiplication with itself 700) / Pi = mathematical rotation + 0.1%
  5. pittsburghjoe

    Is the reason QM can give rise to physical objects because physical objects are not real either? Spatial and Temporal are being applied to virtual wav

    Spatial and Temporal are being applied to virtual quantum waves to generate a hologram we claim is physical/real. Is spacetime (spatial and temporal) the definition of our reality? Anything with less mass energy than a virus is not automatically included in our reality. Mass energy lower can...
  6. pittsburghjoe

    Is mass energy, decoherence, and wave collapse the bridge between QM and GR? Is it the unified theory?

    Those are the necessary ingredients for the bridge. A coherent/plane wave starts to cross the bridge without the use of spacetime. If its mass energy is lower than a virus it will not be able to cross unless there is a decoherence event on the bridge. If there is decoherence in the path, the...
  7. pittsburghjoe

    Does anything coherent redshift?

    Do you yet grasp coherent/plane waves do not use distance or time ..spacetime?
  8. pittsburghjoe

    Could the Quantum Field be a combination of all fields and live in our temporal dimension with the fabric of Spacetime?

    I've been trying to separate the quantum field from spacetime this whole time, but now I think it is only the spatial dimensions that get granted to a physical/observed/decohered object. Could the unification of QM with GR be spatial vs temporal? good god No wonder the quantum field knows of...
  9. pittsburghjoe

    Does a matter-wave that is destined to decohere become physical before the decoherence event? Does its momentum direction trigger decoherence?

    Decay of Coherence is something that can happen to decoherent particles. Coherent matter-waves do not decay. The reason decoherence can be predestined is because unobserved quantum waves do not have restrictions on future decoherence events. Waves are not physical, they are not using Spacetime...
  10. pittsburghjoe


    Gravity is the missing link between QM and GR. Matter Waves do not have gravity, do not age, and are not physical. Spacetime(gravity/age/physicality/local/phase velocity) is assigned via decoherence. The quantum/classical boundary is the mass of 0.3 micrometers because gravity can't be...
  11. pittsburghjoe

    Debate over a new angle of mainstream QM

    Why are only unobserved particles allowed to partake in quantum weirdness events? || (deathtopenguin5) You are using "unobserved particle" in a weird way. All particles are unobserved, we can measure certain properties of a system/particle (i.e.wavefunction) by performing a measurement. I would...
  12. R

    Theory Of Time

    There are two theories that involve time. Which I will present for your consumption. The first theory states that time is a woven fabric that blankets space and was created by intelligent design before the Natural laws evolved into their own states. This would cover the big bang theory which...
  13. pittsburghjoe

    Doesn't Anyone Question How Weird Our Number For Light Speed Is?

    299,792,458 meters per second I'm convinced it has to be this speed to allow a quantum/classical boundary. A Femtosecond holds the key of 0.3 micrometers. An object with this width is going to be auto-observed ..have a physical state. The speed of light is the speed it is in order for quantum...