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  1. C

    Question Does the stereotypical nerd or geek really exists?

    Do the stereotypical nerds and geeks really exist? I am talking about socially awkward timid loners who are also highly intelligent in Science, Mathematics, Technology, and Engineering. What happens to them later in real life? Do they really end up as unemployed or menial workers because of...
  2. C

    Question 10 Of The Worst Moments in Human History

    So often we publish lists that praise events in human history – tales of victory over diseases, disastrous situations, and the like. But alas, history is also replete with events that we must remember so as to not repeat them, but we wish had never happened. This list looks at ten of the worst...
  3. D

    How can scientific knowledge help someone in his daily life ?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask this question in the "Live Science News Discussions" forum, but for some unknown reason it says that I have insufficient privileges to post threads there. So I'll ask it here, and if someone can move my post to that forum it will be great. So... Don't get me...
  4. Dinn Eferet

    Why do I see ads for "Guardian Angels" on Live Science?

    Dear Community, My name is Dinn Eferet, and among other things, I am an advocate of science and reason. While I understand all too well, the impersonal nature of ad tools on the web, as a site that prides itself in being a voice for science, I find it more than a little odd that Live Science...
  5. MindyW

    Feature For your ears: Live Science's Sounds of Science Playlists

    Hello! I'm Mindy Weisberger, a senior writer at Live Science. I'm as big a music nerd as I am a science nerd, so every Friday (mostly) I'll be sharing a new Sounds of Science playlist on Spotify, inspired by the top Live Science stories of the week. This week's playlist references articles...