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    Egypt’s Religious Culture

    Abstract Since time immoral mankind has always tried to bridge the gap between the natural forces that confronted him on a daily basis and the harshness of that life. To portray the events around them that they could not explain (lack of knowledge) into supernatural beings that controlled the...
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    Neolithic/ Bronze age Religion

    Abstract This period stretches from around 8000 BC to around 3000 BC. Were we see the great empires emerging in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. It was during this time period that the male role in society was being established. The role of the woman was already established. During this time...
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    Middle Paleolithic Religion

    Abstract Religion is the creation of spiritual beliefs, ceremonies that ties a culture together. Spiritual beliefs are designed to explain phenomena that cannot at the time be explained in any rational way. It is a behavioral mechanism to make one feel good about any event they find...
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    Abstract What is Religion? What are the earliest forms of religion? To answer these questions, we have to travel back the earliest human settlements and look at the material artifacts that they left behind. Which we find starting in the Old stone age extending to the New stone age...
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    Is Gravity finite or infinite ?, Open the link The age and ultimate fate of the universe can be determined by measuring the Hubble constant today and extrapolating with the observed value of the deceleration parameter, uniquely characterized by...
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    Does nothing have a symmetry that is measurable?