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    Time Symmetry

    Abstract Time symmetry is a powerful tool in theoretical physics. Symmetry in physics means invariance – lack of change- under any kind of transformation. It has become evident over the years that practically all laws of nature originate in symmetries. Physics is the study of that symmetry...
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    Is Time a Singularity and Finite or it has no boundaries ?

    In Euclidean space- time are subspaces if they have the same dimensions and have the same direction. If they have the same vector (v) that maps one to the other which is a property of Playfair’s axiom. T= (S + v) Given a point (P) which is parallel to (S). Where (S) is a line being a...
  3. How To Gravity And Energy Distribution In Relative Motion

    Hello! I would like to present you the only correct model of gravity and energy distribution in relative motion. I've spent around 6 weeks and wasted some 8 pages format a5 on calculations, while looking for the right formula - it took me so long, because I did such things for the first time in...