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  1. pittsburghjoe

    Do EM waves have polarity and gravity when coherent?

    Is it strictly quantum information when in that state? Is gravity and decoherence interlinked?
  2. pittsburghjoe

    Is time and gravity the same thing and originate from the same source?

    Is time and gravity the same thing and originate from the same source? Does the mathematical rotations from a black hole onto the fabric of spacetime cause the time in spacetime? Is a black hole winding spacetime fabric for the QM/classical boundary? Anything that experiences gravity ages. The...
  3. How To Gravity And Energy Distribution In Relative Motion

    Hello! I would like to present you the only correct model of gravity and energy distribution in relative motion. I've spent around 6 weeks and wasted some 8 pages format a5 on calculations, while looking for the right formula - it took me so long, because I did such things for the first time in...
  4. R

    Theory Of Time

    There are two theories that involve time. Which I will present for your consumption. The first theory states that time is a woven fabric that blankets space and was created by intelligent design before the Natural laws evolved into their own states. This would cover the big bang theory which...
  5. R

    Is Gravity finite or infinite ?, Open the link The age and ultimate fate of the universe can be determined by measuring the Hubble constant today and extrapolating with the observed value of the deceleration parameter, uniquely characterized by...