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  1. RealityBendingPhysics

    Is waterbending possible?

    I've been plunging through the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I started thinking about how cool it would be if it could be possible in real life. Then, I thought about how it would work. You just need to attract and repel water, correct (hint hint, magnets), right? But, how would you...
  2. J

    The Electromagnetic Universe : A New Theory

    Gestalt Aether Theory, is both a Grand Unified Theory and the first Theory of Everything. What is the difference between a grand Unified Theory and a Theory of Everything? A grand Unified theory is one that explains all phenomena under one head, at present any theory that can unify...
  3. pittsburghjoe

    Does electromagnetism give us light AND the physical?

    Is time an incoherent electromagnetic wave packet that generates physical objects by influencing the mass of matter waves? Not being able to see light or time as they travel/propagate was a clue. Both can redshift (time dilation), be incoherent, and travel at the max speed. Electromagnetism is...