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    The Quantum Mechanism of Earthquakes as Exemplified by a Sudden Ejection of Rocks and Gas from a Rock Mass during the Process of a Coulomb Explosion

    Quantum physics to aid seismology?
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    Thermonuclear Fusion, as a Source of Seismic Phenomena?

    This article discusses the possibility of a thermonuclear reaction in the Earth's mantle, which can be a source of earthquakes. Is it possible? Thanks, Miner
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    The reason for the earthquakes is hidden in a reaction like this 2Na + 2H2O = 2NaOH + H2 ↑?

    Friends, I bring to your attention from a different angle to look at the reaction 2Na + 2H2O = 2NaOH + H2 ↑, known since the creation of the world. Maybe the mechanism of earthquakes is hidden in it? Look with one eye at the text of my short article...
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    Why did the Scarborough Bluffs Collapse? Earthquakes, Rock Bump, Volcanic Explosions, and Large-Scale Rockslides as a Routine Rock Heaving Process

    Friends! The problem of sudden movements of the earth's crust has been worrying people since the creation of the world. Let me express my opinion on this matter. You can find my article here: Thanks, Miner