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  1. pittsburghjoe

    Can we observe anything coherent while it is in flight? Is Dark Energy and/or Dark Matter coherent?

    Does decoherence in the double slit experiment display something being added to our reality? Physicality is a holographic decoherence filter on the coherent universe.
  2. pittsburghjoe

    Are coherent waves stereographic/warped projections onto a unit circle of an i,j plane? Fringes in the double slit were complex numbers starting at -1

    Fringes in the double slit were complex numbers starting at -1 and landing on a final panel at 0. The final panel is at half a mathematical sphere. 3D number example: 2.65 + 3.58i + 9.79j Coherent waves are complex numbers being projected/mapped from a mathematical sphere to a circle...
  3. pittsburghjoe

    Could the assumption that the quantum double slit being described by interference like water waves be completely wrong?

    Are there two waves in the double slit experiment or is the diffraction pattern simply the quantum field (medium) causing a single cohered wave to land where it does? This ends all other interpretations. If a wave is going through both slits is the same wave, not two separate waves...