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  1. pittsburghjoe

    Do EM waves have polarity and gravity when coherent?

    Is it strictly quantum information when in that state? Is gravity and decoherence interlinked?
  2. pittsburghjoe

    Can we observe anything coherent while it is in flight? Is Dark Energy and/or Dark Matter coherent?

    Does decoherence in the double slit experiment display something being added to our reality? Physicality is a holographic decoherence filter on the coherent universe.
  3. pittsburghjoe

    The difference between coherence and decoherence is the mode of math (complex, real) the object is using.

    Does the wavefunction use complex numbers because coherent waves can only be described by complex numbers? Is it Math itself that is in a duality, not particles? Real numbers for Real physical objects sounds about right to me. Math has a complex mode and a real only mode. A mathematical object...
  4. pittsburghjoe

    Would a Virus disassemble if we could force it to be matter waves with destructive interference of the wave that is causing it to be physical?

    We would need to know its resonant frequency so we don’t harm healthy cells. The wave causing physicality is around 0.3 micrometers in wavelength. It is on the EM spectrum, but I don’t know if we can cause destructive interference without the aid of a black hole. That is where the decoherence...
  5. pittsburghjoe

    What happens after a third instance of decoherence in a particles path?

    I'm curious if some type of bifurcation would occur.
  6. pittsburghjoe

    Is mass energy, decoherence, and wave collapse the bridge between QM and GR? Is it the unified theory?

    Those are the necessary ingredients for the bridge. A coherent/plane wave starts to cross the bridge without the use of spacetime. If its mass energy is lower than a virus it will not be able to cross unless there is a decoherence event on the bridge. If there is decoherence in the path, the...
  7. pittsburghjoe

    Is laser light coherent waves because it has two forms of decoherence?

    Pinhole aperture and then wavelength filter. The wavelength filter is causing spatially coherent wave packets to return to coherent waves (plane waves). Yes, two forms of decoherence in a particles path causes it to return to coherent waves (plane waves). The quantum which way experiment...
  8. pittsburghjoe

    Is Heisenberg Uncertainty only for coherent quantum waves?

    Decohered waves have access to spacetime, so they have defined position and momentum.
  9. pittsburghjoe

    Is the Quantum/Classical boundary, Coherence VS Decoherence?

    Coherence is for quantum waves that can entangle, tunnel, and be in superposition. Decoherence is for physical/classical particles.
  10. pittsburghjoe

    Are all quantum fields coherent? Is coherence the language of the unobservable?

    Is coherence the medium in which quantum waves propagate? Does coherence also exist in the future to flag decoherence events?
  11. pittsburghjoe

    Does a physical particle start its flight path decohered/physical before reaching the event in the path that causes/triggers decoherence?

    Do we have verifiable evidence that it starts out physical besides math? Don't get be wrong, I want it to be physical because it would mean future decoherence events are known to the quantum field.
  12. pittsburghjoe

    Is decoherence the quantum/classical boundary?

    I think they are the same thing. Somewhere around 50,000 bonded atoms will automatically be decohered. Anything smaller requires a decoherence event in its path to be classical. Can any volume of free particles, coherent light, and 30 micrometer objects (for interaction with particles without...
  13. pittsburghjoe

    Are we missing an opportunity to use unlimited wireless power?

    If we set an environment with only coherent laser light, we should be able to power whatever we want as long as normal light is not getting in causing decoherence and preventing quantum weirdness events from happening. This is how plants work with photosynthesis. Is another reason leaves are a...
  14. pittsburghjoe

    Does a matter-wave that is destined to decohere become physical before the decoherence event? Does its momentum direction trigger decoherence?

    Decay of Coherence is something that can happen to decoherent particles. Coherent matter-waves do not decay. The reason decoherence can be predestined is because unobserved quantum waves do not have restrictions on future decoherence events. Waves are not physical, they are not using Spacetime...