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  1. pittsburghjoe

    Can we observe anything coherent while it is in flight? Is Dark Energy and/or Dark Matter coherent?

    Does decoherence in the double slit experiment display something being added to our reality? Physicality is a holographic decoherence filter on the coherent universe.
  2. pittsburghjoe

    Is the cosmic web a web because cosmic voids don't have access to time?

    Cosmic voids don't have black holes, so is it reasonable to assume black holes are the cause of Time? Does Dark Matter have access to time?
  3. pittsburghjoe

    Is Dark Matter, matter that time can not reach from the central super massive black hole at the center of a Galaxy?

    Dark matter can not be physical without time. Dark matter is on the outskirts of galaxies ..not in them. They call them halos.